1956 Dunelights Style Buggy

The Manx stared as a pretty Simple 70's Style Dunebuggy                                      With the exception of the Corbeau Offroad Racing Seats

We stripped the 70's Monster and started our transformation including a 2 inch Bodylift as a beginning.

We had to make it a safe vehicle as well as light weight.  We added some rear frame & body supports.

We built a very safe roll cage.

The next step was body modifications and Custom Front / Rear Bumpers.

Front of Manx with Bumper and Optical headlights installed in front fenders.

We have now installed Side Impact Bars, Nerf Bars & Light Mounts for easy entry to the Manx.

Dunelights Inc.
1 W. Willow Ave 
Phoenix, Arizona 85029
602-354-LITE (5483) 

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